About Hegu

The story of HEGU began by accident.

In the early 1990s Jan Fridsäll, the founder of HEGU, (to the right in the picture) was involved in a severe car accident. During his recovery process he was introduced to acupuncture by a physiotherapist. Jan’s treatment was successful, and he decided to dedicate the rest of his professional life to developing and marketing high quality disposable acupuncture needles for the Nordic markets. To this end, he established the company Hegu Svenska AB in the small town of Landsbro, in the south of Sweden. The year was 1993.

Jan Fridsäll then travelled to Asia to search for manufacturing partners who shared his passion and could help him realise his vision.

Jan found suitable partners, and as a result HEGU acupuncture needles have been produced in South Korea and China for the last 25 years. All HEGU needles are manufactured according to strict specifications and in compliance with EU medical device directives, in facilities certified according to ISO13485.

Today, HEGU is the leading acupuncture brand in the Nordics and has a well-established distributor network with customers all over Europe.

With over 25 years of experience, HEGU offers high quality, safe and reliable acupuncture needles. The HEGU range features needle types to suit most needs.

In 2018, Hegu Svenska AB was acquired by Lojer Oy, the largest manufacturer of medical furniture and retailer of physiotherapy products in the Nordic countries.



Om Hegu

Med over 25 års erfaring er HEGU det ledende merket for akupunkturnåler i Norden og har et veletablert distributørnettverk med kunder over hele Europa.
I 2018 ble Hegu Svenska AB kjøpt opp av Lojer Oy.

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I Norge er Fysiopartner den eneste leverandør av Hegu akupunkturnåler. Du kan kjøpe produktene i vår nettbutikk www.fysiopartner.no.

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Lojer Group er den største produsenten av medisinske møbler i Skandinavia og Finlands største arbeidsgiver innen feltet. Selskapet er 100 år gammelt og er fremdeles privateid. Selskapet har AAA-kredittrating.

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